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What parents say is so special is that a girl’s relationship with the Tooth Fairy is filled with love and caring.
Geniuses are constantly figuring out more ways to acquire and reproduce knowledge.  Eric Schiffer, whose no. 1 bestselling book, Emotionally Charged Learning, became a final word for business leaders especially within the world of fashion to combine education, sophisticated entertainment, and powerful emotions in developing a savvy workforce and business environment, will be announcing a […]
Posted by on Wednesday 12/11/2013
Antithetical? We think not. Coco Chanel once made the rounds of Texas in a Rolls Royce in 1957. This year, house designer Karl Lagerfeld commemorated that eventful stopover in Dallas by setting his annual show, Métiers d’Art, there. Drawing inspiration from native Indians, Navajo, and Western panache, Lagerfeld lay on the denim, hats, boots, and […]
Posted by on Tuesday 12/03/2013
Evangeline Lilly rained arrows on some orcs in the second installment of The Hobbit, but it is in the premiere of The Desolation of Smaug that she truly killed it. With her hair darkened from the auburn, poker-straight tresses she sported as elf Tauriel in the movie, the actress took the arm of co-star Orlando […]
Everyone’s talking about The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but many still rave about the after-party, where the angels shed their wings and showed off some red carpet caliber. Candice Swanepoel, who drew screams for the $10-million bra she wore at the show, opted for a mini white cutout number with a waist-deep plunger. Another show […]
Posted by on Tuesday 11/19/2013
Not that his name is forgettable or, worse, unheard of, in the world of fashion, British designer Paul Smith launched this month his exhibit and book with the idiosyncratic title, “Hello, My Name is Paul Smith.” From November 15, 2013 until March 2014, Paul Smith’s exhibit and book will be showcased at the London’s Design […]